Restaurante O Parque dos Leitões
Évora 266705031
Arraiolos 266499034

Restaurant in Évora


Restaurant in Évora

The piglet, thoroughly roasted in a traditional wood-fired oven, is a dish that is getting more and more popular in Alentejo.

The restaurant Parque dos Leitões, situated in the outskirts of Évora, has a wonderful traditional wood-fired oven where we roast piglet every day with the help of specialized professionals.

You'll find many different traditional meat dishes in our menu, like Migas de espargos com secretos de Porco Preto (traditional asparagus breadcrumb dish with Iberian black pork strips), Migas Alentejanas com Carne do Alguidar (traditional breadcrumb dish with seasoned meat) and Duck rice.
From our menu of traditional fish dishes, we suggest Polvo à Lagareiro com batata a murro (traditionally grilled octopus with roasted potatoes, seasoned with olive oil, onions, and garlic), Codfish dish made in "Parque" style, and Fried Cuttlefish (traditional dish from the city of Setúbal).
As for desserts, we suggest our most traditional Portuguese pastries: Sericaia com ameixas D'Elvas (egg-based cake with cinnamon, accompanied with a plum and plum jam), Fidalgo (sweet egg yolk cake), Pão de rala (sweet egg yolk cake with almond and lemon zest), regional Honey and walnuts, and Conde de Arraiolos (sweet egg yolk cake, with almonds and meringue).

Our staff is kind and cordial and our wine menu is vast and tempting. We serve meals at lunch and dinner time.

Find us at Rua Pedro de Sousa, 2, Évora. Tel. 266 705 031